Chuck Lennon was no lemon, it was Oranges!

On our last day of riding before getting to Cocoa Beach we decided to try Chuck Lennon County Park. It’s in the middle of nowhere and boy were we surprised. They had two trails closed (double black and a red –which was all man made features), but the rest of the trails certainly got your heart pumping– lots of natural ups and downs, bridges, small ponds –watch out for alligators–and other features. I would rank it better than Santos for all around riding quality. Nice section on the parking lot side, then we went and did the short trail across the street and were surprised by orange trees loaded with oranges. We picked some of the big, traditional looking ones and four of the small tangerine-like ones. The smaller ones were juicy and flavorful, the larger ones may not have been quite ripe. This stop will be on our way back to Texas.

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