Padre to Pensacola

We left Padre, headed out of Texas, rode in Lafayette before the rain then headed to Hattiesburg Mississippi to look at a van for sale. Nice van, but not configured for us. So on to Meridian.

Bonita Lakes is a reservoir right in the city and Trailforks showed trails. The first day we rode the eastern trails, both ways to get in some mileage. They are lucky to have such a nice forest so close to town. WE met Eddie from the Local Bike Shop and talked for a while. This is a spacious, well laid out park with some paved and gravel bike trails, restrooms, various parking lots, kids playground, exercise stations– all neatly kept and clean.

The next day we rode the west side of the trails- again riding most trails twice–once in each direction. Plenty of roots, no technical to speak of and enough hills to let us know we’ve been off the bikes for 7 weeks!

From Meridian we headed to Mobile Alabama and Meaher State Park. What a nice place– on the bay, but with signs not to feed the alligators.. Driving into Mobile we saw large tankers, barges, a bulk shipping terminal and lots of industry. Our plan was to ride Chickasabogue Park the next day, but we didn’t hold high hopes seeing that we were so close to the Gulf of Mexico.

Turns out we rode in Whistler….. Whistler Alabama that is. The park was deserted and we were wondering if we would hear banjos. Again, you never know. The trails were fun, twisty, rooty and had some surprises. Part of the trail system goes under Interstate 65, so you do hear the traffic whizzing by, but that was forgotten while riding here.

Heading to Pensacola… the morning of the 24th is WINDY and rainy, so just a travel day today. Looks like temps plummet for this afternoon and tomorrow morning, but then warming. Merry Christmas!

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