Back on the road

Well, it’s been a while…. A seven week stay on South Padre Island is done and we’re headed, slowly, toward Florida.  November on Padre was warm, with only 30% of the days kiteable.  It was worse for the windsurfers, so we shouldn’t complain. The last week in Padre we got some good, windy stormy, albeit cold weather.  Two days I was on the 5m and Butch on the 6m, we both love those small kites.

So, we got on the road.  First day- a long drive to Hutchinson Texas with plans to ride at Jack Brooks Park.  During the night the pouring rain started, so we decided to head toward our next ride destination and try to beat the front.  Arcadiana Park in Lafayette Louisiana – what a fun ride.  OK, so they create berms and then put rugs over them.  Yes rugs; we figured that some hotel put in new carpeting and the local bike club scooped them up.  There were scores of berms and flat tops with carpeting that has “grown” into the terrain.  There were Oxalis plants blooming, fan palms and green shrubs throughout the trails.  The two hours we had before the front hit were delightful—warm weather with fun, twisty, turny trails.

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