Three Perfect Prescott Days

Prescott, Arizona–we’ll go back again and again.  There are so many trails in Prescott and we mapped out three perfect rides-  First from Painted Rock, Javelina, Tatanka (great fun), a little of West Side Story, Missing Link.  Day two we stayed in the Thumb Butte area but rode from  the Iron Spring area–Noodle, Juniper Gate, BLM, Vista, the upper part of West Side Story (so much fun), the the opposite way on Tatanka, to Side Kick, back up BLM down Juniper Gate, Happy Ending and out.  A second great ride.  Tatanka rides great both ways with climbs and obstacles. Day three, the Ranch (62) Trail was suggested.  It is a shuttle or out and bacck, so we decided to go out and back.  The “out” climbs about 1000 ft, but it was so well designed, you almost didn’t notice it.  The back was a hoot- thank goodness for disc brakes.  So three great rides.

We saw tarantulas on day two and day three and also watched a pack of 5 javelinas while climbing up Ranch.  My picture of the baby is blurry– tried to zoom in too much!  Anyway, great weather, a really unusual campground (Point of Rocks) and three great rides.  Heading to meet up with friends at Cave Creek…

oh and you never know what kind of folks shop at the local Safeway!

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