Fast Stop in Flagstaff and Sedona

Flagstaff was a bit frosty in the morning, but we chose a nice ride up to Schultz Pass.  flagstaff has thwarted our attempts the last few we’ve tried to ride. This time  the  snafu was a cell phone escaping an unzipped pocket after one of the fun jumps on Schultz Creek.  Our plan was for one to go back up and find the phone and return towards the parking lot via the road; and the other to ride down to the car and then drive up the road and pick up the other.  Unfortunately the van keys didn’t get exchanged so when the rider reached the car, there was no going up the road to pickup the other rider…oh well, we had a great day and the day warmed up beautifully.

We finished the night at the Lowell Observatory looking through the telescopes, dressed in all our warm clothes.

There was something familiar about our campground– then I realzied it was where we camped the night before we started our raft trip down through the Grand Canyon so many years ago.

The next day we headed to busy Sedona (on a weekend!) and had another great ride in Boynton Canyon–Aerie, Cockscomb, Dawa, up Rupp, to Cockscomb and back via Upper Aerie.  Feeling like it’s all coming back!!

A day off tomorrow and the we head to Prescott.

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