Moab- Everyone’s favorite

Ah, warm sunny skies and lots of slickrock, we never get tired of Moab.  Bypassing Park city (16 degrees at night, 35 during the day) we skipped right to Moab from Provo.  Our mid-afternoon arrival gave us time to stretch our legs.  We parked at Bar M and thought the trail might be lame, but at least we would get out and get some exercise.  Moab never fails to surprise– we rode the North 40 and found it to be the perfect combination of good climbs and technical rocky features.  Next time we will add on to that ride and add it to our list of favorites. It was the the start of Columbus Day weekend and we thought the trails would be crowded, but not so.  Ended the day with dinner at the Moab Diner–Butch’s favorite place for breakfast and now dinner.

Day 2 in Moab was North Klondike–Dino Flow to Baby Steps (ugh, a 2 mile uphill–not steep, but no flat to catch your breath) to Alaska and Homer.  Yet again a great ride with fabulous weather.  This time Butch didn’t leave his fanny pack at the bottom of the steep hill that we had to climb twice last time!

Our last day in Moab was Navajo Rocks.  I can finally see results in my aerobic capacity.  There were only a few sets of couples on the trail.  As usual, Rocky Tops was spectacular, love that exposed slickrock section below the mesa.  We always groan when we see riders on top of the mesa but are surprised when we’re up there in only a few minutes.  After the ride–on to Cortez.

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