Gallup NM???

Last year, Butch rode two days in Gallup and got chased by cold, rainy weather, so this year we went back together to check out the riding under sunny skies.  Our first day was in the Zuni Mountains- USFS land with well laid out trails through a full grown and well maintained forest.  This was such a difference from the open terrain of Moab and Cortez.  Parts of the trail were newly built and the ride was welcome after four days of more strenuous riding.  The scenery was well worth it, although the only picture I took was of the weirdly checkered bark of an old tree.

Day two was at the High Desert Trails.  What a gem!  First of all, you get a sense that someone in their club is an artist.  The cougar, the sundial, the register, the rabbits, all well done and well placed.  Then there is the natural art.  This deserty location at first seemed colorless, that is until you took a good look.  Rusty reds, blue greens, green greys, pale yellows all abound.  Mixed in are the artistically twisted junipers and you feel the artwork all around.  To top it off, the trails are spectacular–part of the Third Mesa South trail has incredible exposure and tight switchbacks–I was so happy to make it through I didn’t take a picture of it!  All in all a great ride on another perfect day.  How lucky can you get? So, in the pics below, you can see the handmade sundial, cougar, registration station, and the two bunnies marking the top of the rock feature (in the next picture.

The rock ride marked by the two rabbits


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