Prineville and Bend- Four great rides

We saw a posting about some new trails in Prineville, Oregon and decided to detour there on our way to Bend.  Prineville is an older town, Les Schwab tires started here and there is a pretty big railroad depot as well. The parking lot was small, but there was a kiosk with a map and the trails were on trail forks.  We rode up to the top of the ridge and followed the trail along the ridge, looking down on the town and the golf course.. The trails there are great- they are fairly marked for difficulty, there were no plain pathways of brown dirt.  Every trail had some technical and the ridge top trail especially had some nice features.  The top was an out and back, with two large facilities at the top.  They were fenced with bared wire.  We found out later that Facebook and Google have built large data centers there and the town is on the economic upswing.  Many more miles of trail are in the works, there.  The rocks were a welcome change from the smooth trails east of Portland, Michigan and others we recently rode.  Definitely, we’ll plan to ride there again.

Nice bridgework in Prineville

On to Bend.  Always great here.  Family (Butch’s son’s family) and a comfy place to stay always make this a fun stop.  We rode three days in Bend, some of our old favorites– Ticket to Ride, Voodoo, middle Storm King, COD, Swede Ridge from Swampy and one new route–Pinedrops (up) to Storm King (great swoopy downhills) to Grand Slam, up to Voodoo and back to the car via Phil’s.  The route seems to defy gravity– one slight uphill at the beginning and then it seems it was all downhill.  Track meets, a few meals out and a good visit with Butch’ grandkids made a great stop.  The weather was forecast for two days of cold so we planned our getaway, deciding not to ride in Salt Lake or Park City and set our sights for warm sunny Moab.


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