Twin Falls/Auger Falls, ID

Moving west, we thought we’d stretch our legs and ride some trails at Auger Falls.  Little did we know that we would find another hidden gem.  The riding was not difficult, but there were rocky sections and the scenery was just amazing.  You park way down in the canyon, surrounded on both sides by tall walls.  Waterfalls (or what we thought were waterfalls) spilled over the edge on both sides and cascaded down into the lava rock.  After the ride we talked to an environmental scientist and found that the water was agricultural runoff from the farm irrigation.  The water falls into the ground and then is filtered through pools to try to sequester the phosphorous.  It seems to work better on the north wall, where some of the water is cleaner than when it went into the fields.  The south wall is a lot of clay from the Bonneville Lake breach 200,000 years ago (Butch was just a babe) and the phosphorous doesn’t settle out.  Anyway, the ride was great and we knew we had to get that ride in before the nasty rain and snow were forecast.  That night we camped in Farewell Bend State Park- very nice along the Snake River.

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