On the road again–Fall 2019

Well, it’s been a challenge to get back to posting about our travels.  We started two weeks later than normal and then tried to tie in a visit with family and friends.  So, anyway, Day one found us in Vermont at Cochran’s Family Ski Area.  This place has developed many Olympic skiers over the  years and we thought we’d try something new.  Parking in the ski area paring lot, we headed on to the trail.  The first sign that I knew it would be a challenge was “Enduro”.  Over the summer, I had 7 weeks of cancer treatment and Butch worked in the bike shop three days a week, so my climbing ability was pretty poor and Butch kept the pace nice and even so I wouldn’t die.    The trails here are all hand built, but well designed, technical, fun and challenging.  Along the way on the climb, we rode under miles of sap lines of all sizes from 1/2″ to 3″ lines.  What a great sugarbush!

We met a local near the top of the climb and got some idea of where to go.  The trails at the ski area connected to the trails in Richmond VT and so we headed on the connector and rode some of those trails as well.  On the way back to the car, you followed along the edge of a steep downhill with a good drop off (there were nets in case you didn’t make the switchback!).  We had a great day and plan to ride there again next summer.  From there we headed to my brother’s house in Waltham for a visit.

Day two dawned cold, rainy and very windy (gusts to 45), so plans to go out sailing on his 38 foot sailboat were scrubbed.

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