Day 6, 7, 8- Central Michigan

Day 6 was another driving day to St Helen’s and our friends Kathy and Mike.  The next day we rode Glacial Hills, a machine made smooth tread, nicely designed with no technical features, and then headed for their cottage on Central Lake.  Kathy and I went out for a kayak paddle and then all out to dinner and a campfire on a lovely night.

Our last day riding in Michigan was at Muncie Lake Pathway– we wanted to try something new.  again, the tread was smooth, but this was a cross country area so the climbs and downhills were more direct. The woods were beautiful and the day perfect for riding.  We spooked one deer on the trail.  That night we camped at a fishing and hunting campground out in rural Michigan in the town of Wellston.  Ever since leaving my brother’s house in Vermont, we had very, very bad cell service and absolutely no WiFi.  Wee started to think we were in some kind of time warp.  A lot of Michigan is very rural.

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