Day 5- Chelsea Michigan and the DTE Energy trails

Everyone in the state of Michigan is touting these new trails in Chelsea.  They are located on the Waterloo Recreation Area, which has thousands of acres and lots of possibilities.  There are three main trails: two intermediate and one advanced.  The trails are machine built, and are well designed.  There is not a rock, root or feature to be found on the intermediate trails– you could ride them on a cross bike.  The Sugar Trail, their newest has some nice man made features along the side of the trail.  The trails here area ridden one direction Tues, Thursday and Sat and the other direction Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.  The trails are enjoyable to ride, but a steady diet of the smooth tread will not develop any technical skills and would get a bit boring after a while (reminded me of Raystown Lake).

That night we camped on Sugarloaf lake in the Waterloo Re Area- a beautiful campground complete with a pair of swans.

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