Moab made better with friends

Cindy, Steve, Mike, Jack and Tom all flew to Denver and arrived in Moab to meet up with us on Monday.

Tuesday we rode all of Navajo Rocks in a figure 8 pattern, about 17 miles with 2400 feet of climbing. Then into the hot tub that was at the rental house.  The legs were refreshed.  The next day was, as is usual in the fall in Moab, another picture perfect day, so we headed to Klondike Bluffs to ride.  One group rode Dino Flow, Little Salty, Mega Steps,Alaska and Homer (1700 ft) and the other group found some great slickrock on Nome, Dino Flow and Baby Steps. A second fun day!

The third day was Dead Horse. The views down into Canyonlands are gorgeous.  After the 14 mile ride, we went up to the view point.  the guys were excited to see that 14 Ferraris (vinta

ge) were meeting up at the top.  One was a 1955 car that won the 24 hr of LeMans in 1960.  Even though they are almost old enough to collect Social Security, those cars look young and modern.  Jack opted to be the chef and grilled up a storm on the last night and Paula went up to the Slickrock camping area to visit friends from Steamboat who just got in to Moab. Seeing old friends from NH was such a treat.

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