Boise will be Boise

Well, a week in Bend, watching grand kids play soccer, riding a few of our favorite trails—Tyler’s. COD, Grand Slam, Storm King, Catch and Release, Swampy, Swede Ridge. Butch got to ride with his grandson, Finn. We left Bend with the toy hauler (Jeep) in tow and head through desolate Eastern Oregon to Boise.


The last two times we went through Boise, it rained and we didn’t ride.  Both times I thought that I’d be missing out on some epic riding. The area boasts of over 400 miles of trails and this time the weather looked good for two days of riding.  Our first day was a bit disappointing—Hull’s Gulch (and probably 95% of the trails) are a dirt bike path in the foothills with little or no technical.  There was one crazy mile of benched traverse that was interesting. Most trails are multi use and were ideal for jogging and walking. The ride was good for working on aerobic capacity and getting our legs in shape, but the terrain was brown—dirt track, hills, what grass was left at the end of the summer.

We stopped at a LBS and Around the Mountain and Brewery were suggested as more technical rides.  The bike shop didn’t mention that the last 16 miles of road up to Bogus Basin has 102 slow speed uphill turns and 24 slow vehicle turn outs. Well, we got up in the trees and had a scenic ride Around the Mountain. Below the view is east toward Sun Valley.  Now off towards Park City!!


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