back to Oregon, on to Bend

After months without a trace of rain, we saw three days of rain on Quadra and on the ferry back to Vancouver.  From Bellingham back to Bend the weather continuously improved.  Picked up Paula’s bike and camped one night at Viento (love those train horns and the light drizzle) and one night at Memaloose.  Post Canyon was great after the light rain–the dust stayed down and it was the perfect chance for a shakedown with the bikes before heading out.  And so on to Bend for a few days and then back on the road..

Stopping in Sisters, the Peterson Ridge trails are always fun, so we rode there before finishing the drive to Bend.  Cool temps are here, in the  morning at least. Yestesday we took Butch’s grandson, Finn, on a mountain bike ride after school.  Tyler’s Traverse, one of our favorites, brought smiles to everyone’s face.


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