The Pacific Northwest and Vancouver Island

Leaving HR, we headed north to Olympia, WA (the capitol).  The ferry was booked, so we had a day to kill and found a shop to rent a bike.  What a way to appreciate my own bike—the only bike they had for me was a Kona hard tail with cable disc brakes…it was a good thing the trail was pretty mellow.  The last mile was downhill and boy are cable disc brakes scary!! We had a fun time, though and hopped the 8:15AM Ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria the next morning.

The ferry ride was only 90 minutes and we were surprised at the size of Victoria.  Somehow I thought it would be a quaint seaside town, but it is a big city complete with tall buildings, fancy hotels and all the American amenities—Dairy Queens, Mikey D’s, Home Depot, etc.  One we got through the innumerable traffic lights on Canada 1, we headed north.  A few times we got off of BC19 and took the “ocean route”, but we weren’t really close enough to see the ocean in most places.  We camped on Fanny Bay and made plans to rent a bike and ride in Cumberland.  What great trails—very technical, lots of roots and rocks and downhills!!  And I rented a Yeti Betty—what a great bike.  Tonight we are camped in Campbell River, ready to meet Richard and Maureen at the ferry terminal (they’re coming over to get supplies) in the morning.  Still a bit smoky around here from the fires.

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