Leaving Hood River and the summer behind….

So once we started packing and getting ready to leave Hood River, getting on the road started looking better and better.  Butch’s bike finally came into the local bike shop and they built it up.   Mine was still going to be delayed, so Sunday afternoon we drove out of town minus one mountain bike and headed north up towards Vancouver Island.

We had a good stay in Hood River and got to do more things than most folks who have been coming to HR for 20 or more years… we rode Post Canyon many times, the 44 trails several times, two runs from Timberline to Rhododendron, Whoopdee, Hood River to Mosier (and Butch went to Rowena Crest),Klickitat Trail and Swail Canyon.  We rafted the Lower Deschutes and the wild White Salmon, visited Punchbowl Falls and White River Falls, drove to Rowena Crest, explored the roads north of Lyle, listened to music at the ruins, Bob Dill’s, the Sandbar, the Clock Tower, the Lyle Hotel and Volcanic Bottle Shop.  We finally got up to Roosevelt to camp and kite.  As for being on the water, we kited 41% of the time, had many, many, many days of 100 degree weather and found ways to keep cool.  I picked gallons of blackberries, learned to cook and bake on a gas grill and perfected my kombucha making.  Oh, yes, and we bought a Jeep (a bit smashed, but a great vehicle!!)


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