Hood River by the numbers

Highest per capita of Honda Element owners in the country–what’s with that???

10%- the number of roads that dead end.  The place is like a maze with named streets that dogleg with stop signs and main north south roads that just stop and then start up again a few blocks later.

20 to 25 mph—the gap between the high and low wind speed on a lot of the windy days!

13 (and counting) – the number of days it’s been almost 100 degrees—and 4 more this coming week!!!

106 degrees on Sunday (Aug 5) hot hot hot

100%– the percentage of the days we’ve been here since June 7th with no rain

100% -of the roads that go up from Oak St (Main) to the heights are a bear to climb on a bike

100% -of the folks on e-bikes are smiling as they barely have to pedal to get up to the heights

70,000 –acres burned in the Dalles Substation fire

7 — the number of wildfires do far in the immediate area

100% –cool if you have a surf kayak on your car

50- extra points if the surf kayaks are on a sprinter-type van

25 extra points if there are multiple surf kayaks

25 extra points if you have an e-bike

20 extra points if your e-bike is custom, elongated, has a child seat or is a rickshaw

10 extra points if you have a ladder to the roof of your Sprinter type van or if it is NOT white

350 sq feet- the size of the ‘cottage’ we’re renting

1 is 1 TOO MANY– people with small dogs in baby carriers or strollers

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