How to spend a 100 degree day!

After yesterday’s marathon downhill session at altitude with cooler temps, the weather looked hot, hot, hot for Thursday.  What better time to go white water rafting on the White Salmon? I thought it would just be a low key float trip, but at least we would stay cool.  We were pleasantly surprised to find a steeply walled, Class III and Class IV with a surprise ending on the White Salmon.The water is fed by the glaciers on Mt Adams, so it can be described as ‘refreshing”.  Even with full wetsuit and splash jacket and booties and we found ourselves still a bit chilly on the river.  Brit was the guide and he did a great job.  Six in the boat, seven boats.  About half way through there is a portage, with an optional 20 foot cliff jump to get back into the boats.  Of course, we jumped.  At the end of the trip, Husum Falls is the optional Class V, 14 foot waterfall.  Of the seven boats, only three ran it and only one of those boats had full passengers.  We dropped off two and another boat dropped off four.

We had to practice getting down, stowing our paddles along the side and holding onto a strap behind us so we wouldn’t be thrown out of the boat.  Very fun.  A great way to spend a very hot day. (Note: Butch in the orange helmet and Paula in the yellow)

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