Two days biking, one day kiting!

We thought that this weekend would be busy on the river, so Saturday and Sunday we rode our bikes.  Saturday was the Klickitat Trail, 22 miles of riverside riding.  Sunday found us back on the 44 Trail system on the shoulder of Mt. Hood.  We rode the Eight Mile Loop, saw some sand lilies, and took a side trip to the fire tower.  It’s a forest service fire tower with a stove, solar panel, an outhouse and a superb view of both Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood.  You can reserve it for overnights.  After finishing Eight Mile we rode up Lookout Mountain and turned around and had a great 4 mile downhill to the car that made us forget the 4 mile uphill!  After the ride we stopped at Punchbowl Falls—look closely at the picture and you will see the trampoline they use to jump off!  There’s also a bonus second waterfall about 30 yards downriver.

Today (Monday) we waited for it to warm up a bit and went kiting on the Lyle sandbar—Paula on the 4.5 and Butch on the 6—pretty windy.  We’re really glad to have the 4.5; we’ve used it three of the last five times out on the water.

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