Silver Falls State Park

From the sour taste from the Corvallis ride, we decided to take the next day off and take our time driving.  I even got Butch to stop at an iris farm and the quaint town of Silverton!! The final destination was the trails at Silver Falls State Park.  We planned to camp there for the night. The drive from Corvallis took us through the number 2 place in the country for growing hops, lots of orchards and huge tracts of Christmas tree farms.  Some fields were white with buckwheat.

From looking at the maps, we could ride a circuit starting from our campsite, past two waterfalls, up the older Perimeter Trail and down the new Catamount Trail.  The first part of the ride was only so-so, although the waterfalls were pretty nice.  Look closely at the picture of Silver Falls.  To get a perspective of how tall it is, there is a fence with people standing under the overhang.  You have to zoom in to see them.  The falls area 177 ft tall.

The Perimeter Trail is more like a hiking trail that also gets some use by horses.  For those who have ridden trails used by horses, the ups and downs can get really chewed up by the horse hooves, and this was the case.  Yep, that’s a big slug with our car key for perspective.  Butch almost ran him over on the trail. The trail was a bit overgrown in places but manageable.  We met a rider at the top who was sessioning the Catamont Trail.  They new trail took a lot of hard work–some of the trees they had to cut look like they took several passes to get through!  It was a very fun ride down– even some drops over roots and stream crossings!


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