Alsea Falls and McDonald Dunn Forest- eastern Oregon style riding

So maybe we should have read the descriptions of the trail systems in eastern Oregon…for two days we’ve ridden miles up (really up) paved or gravel logging roads to get to the trail that goes down through the woods back to the car.  Alsea Falls had us gritting our teeth on the long gravel grind, but grinning all the way down, so it was, in the end, OK. Lots of iris, bear grass, mossy trees an green, green, green.

McDonald Dunn Forest goes on the “never again” list with Pendleton.  Miles of logging roads that climb 2200 feet to McCulloch peak and then you head down–either a straight down through a ditch or down overgrown trails that are unmarked and steep logging roads back.  There was a nice view at the top….

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