MERA, part two

We camped in Heyburn and headed for Boise.  The forecast said a chance of passing showers, but by 8:30 AM, it was a full on rainy day.  WE didn’t think the riding would be good in Boise that day or even the next, so we pushed northward on to McCall.  The drive to McCall followed the North Payette– a wild river with some stretched of whitewater that were over a mile long.  Looks like a great river for a raft trip.  We got to McCall and it was still raining hard and so we scrapped riding plans and headed back south towards to Oregon border.

The next morning we  reviewed our options and decided to ride in MERA, the Umatilla Ridge and Pendleton.

So, I can’t remember which fall but I think a year and a half ago, we rode MERA.  The Mt. Emily Recreation Area.  They’ve added a lot of great trails and bermed almost all of the turns in the 50 miles of trail.  With grants from the state of Oregon State Parks and the county, they have done a great job.  Lat time we rode the MERA Loop and Sasquatch.  This time we rode the other part of the trail system– climbing 1300 feet from the car and then rolling downhill on a benched, bermed trail (Caffeine) back towards the car.  Lots and lots of wildflowers:  larkspur, pussy ears (a new one for me), foam flower, wild onion, goatsbeard, balsamroot, Indian paintbrush and so much more.

Stopped in the local bike shop and found out that Umatilla is closed (snow) and so now we will head to Pendleton tomorrow and then Echo before heading to Hood River.

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