Ah, Park City!

We finally took a day off and arrived in Park City.  As tourists for the day, we stopped in a few bike shops, went to the Olympic Park and saw their very cool exhibit and generally just rested.  Friday we road the Flying Dog Loop- about 16 miles with lots of climbing and fun descents, tons of wildflowers–even an 1/8 of a mile of Mayflower that smelled so sweet I had to stop on a downhill to savor it.  Blue bells, forget-me-nots, sunflowers, creeping Oregon grape, arrowleaf balsaroot, foothill death camas, milk vetch and more. WE got an early start because of the threat of rain.  As we reached the top of the trail, thunder was booming around us.   Our legs are toast but we have another day of riding here.But the dark clouds were not where the trail led and so we pushed on and down.  Great downhills to the beaver ponds!  All very nice.  Woolly bears and bobcat scat, too.

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