Fruita and Grand Junction

Got a call from Forrest before leaving Moab and we made arrangements to meet him and his girlfriend Katelyn in Grand Junction for two days of riding…..we were planning to take a rest day, but we were excited to see them. We rode Fruita on Tuesday– Wrangler to Mary’s to Horsethief and back on the new Wrangler singletrack.  Great weather, great riding, good company.

The area overlooks the Colorado River– so scenic— there were thousands of mariposa lilies in bloom. We followed up the ride with a trip into Fruita and a pizza at Hot Tomato Pie.

On Wednesday we chose the Lunch Loops at the Tabaguache Area in Grand Junction.  These trails were all more rocky and technical with drops and step ups.  Forrest, Butch and I became blood brothers (and sister) on the Eagle Wind trail section.  So very narrow and techy, but so much fun.  Forrest and Katelyn headed back to Denver and we went on to Provo, planning to take a day off and get to Park City.

One thought on “Fruita and Grand Junction

  1. Nice looking legs! Remember, those are the only 2 you get to have! Better take care of them!
    Some of those flow tails look great! Wouldn’t feature the technical stuff tho!


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