On the road for 9 days and we’re BACK in Texas???

If you were to trace our trip from South Padre Island it would look like a question mark:  North to Waco, Northeast to Tyler, North to Iron Mtn, Northwest to Bentonville. We just got through Oklahoma and camped at Palo Duro State Park near Amarillo TX.  On the way to SPI last fall we were driven out of here by cold, sideways rain.  So here we are now, with the temp at 100!  Our plan is to get up EARLY and ride then head to Santa Rosa NM.

The trails in Palo Duro are hard packed red clay.  They’ve had about ½ ”  of rain in the last 6 months, so everything is pretty dry.  We were thankful for the stiff breeze and milky skies that helped keep us from overheating.  It was over 85 when we finished the ride at 11 AM.  Nice scenery and a very windy drive through Tucumcari…the wind generators were turning fast and  the van was buffeted around by the wind.  Riding tomorrow in Glorieta,

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