Days 2, 3 and 4 in Bentonville and on to OK

Well, we knew that it would rain hard on Thursday, so we made a day of going to the Native American Museum, catching a film at the film festival and visiting a LBS in town.  It was pouring buckets when we were in the museum.  They had thousands of different types of arrowheads, hand axes and other stone tools as well as bead work, head dresses, war clubs, bows and arrows and a wooly mammoth skeleton.  It was still pouring when we got out, so we booked tickets to a movie called Tatterdamalion.  Very well done, filmed in the Ozarks, most of the actors were locals from that area.  When the movie was over, the director and the producer were on hand to talk.  The rain had stopped and the skies cleared, so we checked out Phat Tire Bikes and then walked around the town square.  Late Thursday night it poured again.

The trails we rode on Wednesday were gravelly, so we were hopeful that they drained okay even after the middle of the night drenching.  They were surprisingly good and we rode about half of the Back 40, Flo Ride, Taylor Homestead, Summit School and some others.  There are so many riding areas in Bentonville that we will return next spring on our way home.

Saturday we rode in Ft Smith at Ben Geren and headed west.

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