On the road again….

We left SPI on Saturday morning, got over the bridge and towards the highway and saw that we didn’t remove the electric garage door opener…OK, no problem, the owner’s mom was right off the highway and we could drop it off there.  Onward to Austin to drop off a kite someone bought from us.  No problem, right?  He was right off the Interstate.  Note to self:  STAY AWAY FROM THE SAN ANTONIO/AUSTIN/WACO CORRIDOR… it was wall to wall cars, crazy traffic and when we got to the campground it was full.  OK, lots of stress, no problem, we found another campground. 

The next morning had to go better….On to Tyler.  Sunday morning—shouldn’t be any traffic, right?  I guess that’s why they decide to replace overhead wires across the interstate and stop traffic both ways for 25 minutes.  Folks getting out of their cars, picnicking.  Get through the traffic on head east to Tyler, Texas wildflowers are in full array along the road sides. The driving is better but it seems like I’m driving the van in windy weather, but the trees aren’t swaying only the van. Oh and the tire light goes on. We take the Tyler exit and, gee whiz, the front passenger tire is mostly flat.  It’s Sunday mid-morning, who is gonna be open?  We find a Pep Boys and they find a hole in the tire and plug it.  The stress has gotten to Butch and he opts out of riding Lindsey Park.  So I ride the A, B, and C section.  A good way to start the riding season, three nice bermed bridges, a mini chicken ravine (roller coaster) and not much elevation change.  There are some trees in bloom that smell so sweet.


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