Just another overdue Post with no pictures!

February is long gone and I haven’t posted this month!  Oh well, that’s what to expect from retirees.  When we got back here from Mexico, we had about 10 days of foggy, damp weather, with days of kiting mixed in.  Butch came back from LV with some strange symptoms- headache, nausea and a sore neck/shoulder.  WE went to a doctor here in TX and he was diagnosed with h pylori.  After two weeks of antibiotics, it hadn’t gone away.  Then we find out about the catch 22 of h pylori.  70% of people in the world have the bacteria in their stomach, with little or no symptoms  Once you have it, the antibodies are in your blood.  Butch was diagnosed with it from his blood sample and was treated for it.  The definitive test is sort of a breathalizer that he took one month after starting the antibiotics.  It came back negative.  So we don’t really know if he actually just got it or had it in the past.  So why don’t they give you the breathalizer test first?   Hmmmm.  The good news is we found a great chiropractor in Brownsville.

Anyway, after about 5 weeks, it has (sort of ) resolved itself.  His nausea is gone, appetite is back, he’s kiting and feeling much better, but not 100%.  This weekend start Spring break, bikini clad girls walking around even when the temps are in the 60s, police and fire sirens on a regular basis, lots of intoxicated folks on the beach and sidewalks. WE don’t see much of it because we are out on the water.  Sometimes, if there is a rental around here that is full of kids, the music gets loud.  The town had a few new ordinances for that and we will see how it goes.  I am heading to Florida to visit my sister and brother, Butch is holding down the beach blanket.

Stats for February: 18 days of kiting out of 28—a decent 64%, but not the 94% we got last year!


One thought on “Just another overdue Post with no pictures!

  1. Glad to hear Butch is feeling better, but not sure if it’s a good idea to leave him with all those bikini clad college girls!


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