LV Memories

Okay- this entry is 10 days overdue….

Leaving La Ventana was sad.  Our month there gave us amazing wind, sunny days, reconnections to friends, the La Ventana Classic, and a restful retreat.  We enjoyed staying in Dave’s Casita and would have liked to rent it for next winter, but we made the decision to go to La Ventana for four months next winter and it was only available in January.  Luckily right across the street (and ON the beach!) are three new casitas owned by Salvatore.  Even with no English, we were able to communicate enough to let him know we wanted to rent a casita (Casa Chava) for 4 months next season, and our friends, Doug and Sue for three months.  Theresa, who is renting all this winter, will return, so there will be three households at Casa Chava for most of the winter.  Hopefully we can kite “accessorize” with a self-launching and landing anchor, a windsock and wind meter.  The stretch of beach we are on is ideal—on any given busy windy day there are a couple hundred kites to our north and the same to the south, with a mile of beach in between that is just about all to ourselves.  From the edge of our property we will be able to look upwind and see the conditions.

With 28 days of kiting for the 30 days we were there, we didn’t take any side trips or days off.  Butch paid the price for that by over-stressing the muscles on his back and shoulder and took the last 3 days off the water in discomfort.  Ten days back here, two chiropractor visits and lots of arnica gel and TENS sessions, the pain is subsiding.  I’ve only had three sessions on the water—it has been foggy, nasty and ugly a lot of the time.  Seems like the world is telling us to not come back here until later in the season. The difference between Padre and La Ventana is very evident on these foggy, grey, miserable days here in Texas.  Even if there is no wind, it is sunny 98% of the time, there are mountain bike trails, tons of affordable yoga classes, a varied and  lively farmer’s market, and side trips to nearby towns with old buildings and history, awesome waves, and even waterfalls and pools.  With this soggy weather, it’s not even nice to bike on the beach, walk or go to the zoo.  Thank goodness for the gym!

I don’t have many pictures, so I’m including on looking North from our spot (you can see Doug and Janis and Richard and Maureen’s place because of the two beige ‘Costco tents’), looking south from our spot and the front of next year’s casita and wall to the beach, a few pics of next year’s casita and the rolling hardware store.

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