First Week in La Ventana (Nirvana?)

So the stress of the travel day was washed away the very next day with a great day of kiting.  Today is the 8th, and it’s the 8th day of kiteable winds.  Doug, Janis, Maureen, Richard and Tom and Linda are 100 yards north of us along the beach.  Ron and Jude are another 100 yards north of them.  There were tons of kites the first few days here, but it has seemed to thin out as the week progressed and our launch site is a wide sandy beach.  The sand here is different than on Padre—a bit coarse, but nothing sticks to the kites when you’re wrapping up the day.  We’ve started to inquire about a rental for four months next year.  When the wind blows in the afternoons, the waves can get pretty big, Butch is having fun riding them on the kite (they don’t break), there’s also some pretty heavy chop.  It’s all so much fun now that we can handle ourselves on the kites—two years ago even windsurfing was scary for the first month!  Temps are warm (mid 80s) and I’m wearing a shorty most days.  The water is clear, the ATM got filled with pesos and all is right with the world.  No American TV, no stories about Trump, no doom and gloom newscasts—what a nice change. I’ve got to get the camera out and take some pictures for the next post.

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