From Hell (or at least Purgatory) to Heaven

The last two weeks in December on Padre were the kind that you have mixed memories about.  Somme windy days-but cold and/or rainy, not much to do if there was no wind since it was miserable outside.  It seems we shouldn’t whine since New England and the upper US are in a deep freeze.  We were anxious to get to sunny and warm La Ventana.  But to get there we had to pay our dues…Padre was not going to give up easily! Our travel day was enough to convince us to get out of Texas (or not even go there until February).

The highlights of our travel day:

  1. Originally set to fly out of Brownsville at 5 am.  Stowed the van, arranged for a taxi ride.
  2. 9:30 the night before get a text from AA that the flight has been canceled. Can’t get out through Brownsville for at least 2 days.  They claimed it was weather, but the forecast showed the weather would be good early in the morning for Dallas and worsening through the day.
  3. Changed airports to McAllen (90 minute drive—the taxi guys was not happy) that would get us into Cabo an hour and a half later.   Checked in, got on the plane, pulled back from the gate and then we were delayed because of ice in Dallas.  1 hour wait (we now had 20 minutes to connect in DFW).
  4. Get to DFW, jog through the terminal, get on the train, and find the flights been delay 45 minutes. Yippee!!  Arrival time another hour later than original.
  5. Get on the plane and get in line to be de-iced—another hour wait. Push the arrival time again.
  6. Finally, we get to Cabo, get our carry ons, stand in the aisle and the pilot comes over the intercom “Folks, I have to ask you to stow your carry ons in the overhead bins and close them and return to your seats and fasten your seat belts. It seems the airport guys have brought us past the jetway and they will have to connect the truck and push us back.  Groan….fifteen minutes and they move the plane 1 foot.  Yes, 1 foot.
  7. So now that we are arrive at 3:30 instead of 11 AM. And we figure that the car rental will be a nightmare, by now we are hungry and tired and travel-stressed. The car rental could not have been easier, faster and friendlier.  YIPPEE!


Our drive from Cabo was pretty—along the coast and through the mountains.  Oh yes -and only in Mexico can you see a guy driving an upside down Dodge am tuck!! Our place is perfect…our own small house, beautifully decorated, outside covered patio, rooftop open patio, the beach 100 yards away.  The sunrise over the water, the moonset over the mountains.  We kited yesterday and there were over 100 kites (and about 4 windsurfers—the wind was light).  The water is warm, the air is dry, life is good.


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