Padre Update

The end of November and this first half of December have been only so-so for wind.  We’ve had two northers.  The first one was a one day event with winds gusting to 35 and we had a blast on the 5 and 6 m kites.  This last one, just last week was a three day event with rain.  The first day was great–warm water, strong winds (we shared the 5 m–our smallest) and in the high 50’s, but it went, down hill from there.  The second day is rained sideways with mid 40 temps with a wind chill of 32 and the next day it snowed!! Weathermen were so excited because it was the first snow in 13 years and only the second one this century.  The days have warmed up since then, but the evening lows are mid 40s, lower 50s, so we’re guessing the Laguna will be chilly.

The storm really cut into the beach sand dunes on the Gulf of Mexico side of the island, tons of shells washed up and then the day after the storm, there was starfish armegeddon.–thousands of starfish washed up.  The turtles have a hard time with these colder temps, but we only heard of one that came onshore to warm up.

Before the second norther, we had a fun afternoon playing beach bocce and surfing on the body boards.  It is true–a real body board is MUCH better than those nylon covered styrofoam things.  So Santa brought us one for Christmas.  With the temps, it won’t be used until we get back from Mexico.

Oh yes, and someone drove into the toll booth at Isla Blanca, completely destroying it!

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