Paracas and the Kite Sisters Camp

After four days as a tourist, I flew back to Lima to meet up with the Kite Sisters crew for a one week kiteboarding camp.  Nine of us loaded our gear into the two Toyota pickups and headed south out of Lima to Paracas.  The camp had it all set up so well–a beautiful house, a professional chef, four instructors, a great group of girls and plans for yoga every morning and two excursions during the week.  We were from all over the place–Jenelle from Sydney, Marine from Paris, Celine from Hamburg, Jill, Mary and April from Toronto, Cintia and Laura from Argentina and one American, me.  There was a heart surgeon, a diesel marine engineer, an engineer that worked on train interiors, a designer who worked on airplane interiors, a mortgage broker, a housewife, a 13 year old who came with her mother, a retiree, and a manager from Quantas….


The instructors were from Barcelona (3) and Liam from Long Beach CA.

Our first ‘excursion’ was a trip to Islas Ballestas– a few miles off the coast from Paracas.  There were millions of birds, penguins, 8 legged starfish, painted crabs, sea lions, and boobies.

A few days later we had our second excursion– sandy buggies and sand boarding in the desert– boy did we laugh (and get our ears full of sand!)

The wind came up every afternoon–I kited mostly ona 6 m and 8 m kite in a huge bay with a side shore wind.  There were two other kite schools there and the flamingos and the preserve were next to our launch.

Our house was  spacious, the food prepared by a professional chef, there was a grassy area for morning yoga and  drying our wetsuits and kites.

A few of us took some time exploring the resorts and places around town a few mornings and one evening–we had a few laughs.

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