Seven days of wind on Padre

Well, we’ve only been here 7 days and every day it’s been windy.  Paula’s been mostly riding the 6 and 8 m and Butch on the 8, 10 and 11.  Paula leave for Peru today and there looks to be light wind, so everyone gets a day off.  Most of our friends have arrived, we got one day at the ocean, kiting in the surf, and we’re looking forward to more of that–some downwinders, possibly.  The bonus is that it was been in the high 80’s every day, sunny and the water is warm.  That means no wetsuits !  I hope it is still like that when I return on the 20th.

Two years ago at this time we were driving down the Baja for our first trip to La Ventana. Great memories.  I hope to be able to post pics of Mach Picchu and Paracas while down there.

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