San Angelo and Flat Rock Ranch

Our last two rides were in Texas.  With 35 mph winds and 40 degree temps we bypassed Palo Duro (second largest canyon in the US) and headed for San Angelo, but not before stopping at Cadillac Ranch. At the Santa Rosa campground, we were told we were given Willy Nelson’s favorite campsite.  The campground owner was a hoot.  The next day we drove to San Angelo state park and rode their trails.  The trails went around the “reservoir”.  It’s only 11% full, so that’s why the trails seemed to go across water on our Trailforks map.  The riding was surprisingly good for the flat-ish terrain.  The area is limestone and there were some nice technical climbs, descents and small drops. Another in a series of beautiful sunsets, and the next day we were off to Comfort TX to ride the Flat Rock Ranch.

We rode Flat Rock Ranch 6 years ago on lousy rental bikes.  What a difference your own equipment and some experience makes.  The trail took us over the limestone ridges and we had to laugh at the 1900 feet elevation sign.  The wildlife we spotted, except for the armadillo, was mainly livestock and deer—sheep and cows wander freely. Oct 29th was the last day of operation, then the hunters come in, hide in their tiny houses on stilts and wait for the deer to come to the automated deer feeders.  It doesn’t seem like sport.  In the parking lot, we ran into Jeremy and his wife Cathy, from Hood River.  Jeremy worked for me in my XC center in the late 70’s!!  Small world.

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