Hip,hip hooray for Santa Fe

After the Ojitos ride we headed to Santa Fe.  Camping east of town, it was pretty quiet and rural.  To our surprise, there was one of the nicest local bike shops right near us.  Tons of bikes, a spin class room, and gorgeous bike clothes and accessories—who would have guessed.  We got some trail beta and decided to do the Winsor trail.  A little research and we found out that there is a bus that runs twice a day from town to the base of the Santa Fe Ski Basin—which is where the Upper Winsor starts.  Yippee.  When the bus picked us up there were already 5 bikes on the racks, oh no.  Butch’s went on the last rack and mine went inside and we were off!!

The ride up the mountain took an hour.  We started at 10500 feet and started down.  There were some steep ups that left us gasping and deep, rutted steep downhills that left us white knuckled, but the 3000 ft descent was fun.  The soil on the top half was unlike the loose stony dirt in town and on the second half

.  To get to our car, we had to leave the Lower Winsor and climb over a ridge.  All in all we descended 3900 feet and climbed 1800 feet, what a fun day!!  Hardly took any pics on the way down. The last state crossing this evening—into Texas.

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