Looking for warm weather has us zigging and zagging and back into Idaho.  We got to ride Wilson Creek—it was on our list, but earlier in the trip.  Wilson Creek is BLM property and there is a huge cattle feedlot on the road on the way in to the parking.  Needless to say, there was an aroma in the air.  Anyway, we did the Wilson Creek Tour and had a fun ride.  Sunny skies, high desert views, tiny little late season flowers, some loose steep descents and a final exit IN Wilson Creek, yes, in the creek.  I think we crossed it 10 times in the last mile!  Camping in Hagerman was interesting.  It has a lot of history of cattle, sheep and emigrants, but the town is slowly dying.  More than half the store fronts on Main St are empty.  There are some great pictures showing the history of the place—the fossils beds (home of the famous Hagerman horse fossils), the pictures of the old wooden ferries (rafts with poles), the 1500 pound sturgeon (yes, 1500 pounds) caught in the Snake River and the amazing bronze sculptures in a memorial park.  The ride took us along hot springs on the Snake River and tomorrow we head through northeast Nevada to Draper and then Price.

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