Moving on from Bend

Well, Bend—as usual- has been such fun, but a little less riding than most years.  The weather was cooler than we’ve ever experienced at this time of year.  Snow, sleet, spitting rain, smoke and cooler temps all had to be considered when we chose what to ride.  We couldn’t get up to Dutchman (the highest trailhead) because we didn’t want to deal with snow o sleet.  We did get some great ides in.

Swampy-Dutchman-Flagline Tie-Swede Ridge-Swampy

ODP-COD-Ticket 2 Ride-GrandSlam and the fabulous Storm King- Catch and Release

Tiddlywinks-Tyler’s Traverse-Catch and Release

Tumalo Creek-South Fork-Swede Ridge-the fabulous Upper Whoops-and Skyliners

Swamp Wells and Coyote with a stop at Boyd Caves (a mile long lava tube)

Butch’s grandchildren supplied other entertainment–five soccer games and gymnastics.  WE also had the time for the needed oil change, new tires, windshield chip repair and a bit of shopping.  On now to warmer temps in Utah, Colorado and New Mexico.

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