Seven Streams-Seven Stings and Sisters

Butch was feeling a bit under the weather, so before we left for Washougal, Paula got dropped off at the midpoint of Post Canyon, Family Man and rode up a bit to get the full downhill all the way to the bottom, below where we parked on Friday.  She took the trail with another rider and came to a road crossing, but the can was waiting further down.  There was a trail heading down and a runner and another biker went down, so she followed.  A 100 yards later there was a giant tree across the trail and the other biker and Paula lifted their bikes over as the runner jumped it and continued down.  YIKES– all of a sudden there were ground wasps swarming and all three ran for it.  Everyone got bit, but no one died (ha ha).  Then on to Washougal to see Todd and Jess’s place and then to Sisters the next day to ride our favorite Tail 99 off the top of Peterson Ridge.  We started out a bit chilly but it warmed up and, as usual, had a great ride before heading to Bend.


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