Sun Valley- the reason Idaho is known as the Gem State…

From Twin Falls we headed up to Hailey and Sun Valley.  Our first ride was Sunday at Croy Creek.  Just like all the rides in Sun Valley, you follow a good FS road to a parking lot with kiosks and toilets.  This is an unusual place since, mtn bikers, hikers, horses and motorcycles are all allowed.  There is a motocross course that makes a big sweep of the lower valley and looks fun to ride (on a dirt bike). There’s also a bmx dual course.  Then there’s the mtn biking trails.  They are well built and designed so that you can make your ride as long or as short as you want.  We went up the Bullion Connector, and up Wilson to climb up to Two Dog to reach the top of the ridge, then Bulldog to Hidden Valley and back via the other end of Bullion Connector with a fun, fast bermed downhill to the parking lot.  We met two couples who knew Jeff and Sally Graves from North Conway and they told us about other rides we should not miss.

Croy Creek


So our plans changed and we stayed in Sun Valley two more days to ride Greenhorn-Imperial Gulch area and the Adams-Griffin Butte area.  Both were spectacular, with amazing views of the Pioneer Mtns that were snow frosted.  I have never spent so much time on highly exposed, downhill narrow bench trails.  Most every ride follows a stream while ascending into a gulch, then turns to climb up the other side of the gulch to reach a ridge.  Then usually more climbing until you reach the butte or a saddle and down a different gulch back home.  There are many more days of riding and we will surely be back.

GreenHorn/Imperial/Adams/Griffin Butte

The drive after our last day was spectacular.  The snow on the peaks and eventually on the sides of the road going up to the Galena pass were amazing against a blue, blue sky.  Descending to Stanley gave us some of the best views of the Sawtooths.

Views from Stanley and Galena Pass

4 thoughts on “Sun Valley- the reason Idaho is known as the Gem State…

  1. I am only a little bit jealous! Wow! What beautiful places. Mike and I camped in the Tetons right after we were married. it was spectacular.


  2. Beautiful area, especially the Stanley Basin. It has changed greatly since I lived there (like many resort areas), but thank goodness Idaho has 2.1 million acres of wilderness. Look how brown the hills are in SV! Great photos! Take care!


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