Twin Falls

Sept 22-23--The rain and clouds and cold temps pushed us on to Twin Falls, Idaho.  We got in mid afternoon and did the tourist thing–visiting Shoshone Falls, a local bike shop, groceries, etc. On the 23rd we waite for the sun to get warm-ish and headed for the Indian Stream Trail Head in Rock City.  We started the climb up North Swami and stopped at the first terrace to check the map.  A group of 4 riders came up behind us and invited us to follow them.  We got a great tour–Upper Sugarloaf, Hotshot and Upper Dry Gulch and on trails we would never have known about–up some rocky washes and to their “Little Moab” to the top of the second tier of buttes.  Then down, down and back to the car.  Some nice technical riding, about 14 miles in all.  A bit cold on the downhills, even with the sun out.

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