Reaching an Impasse?

Sept 19th–We woke up to clear blue skies and warm temps on Tuesday morning, with plans to head to Cody for 2 nights before going to Yellowstone.  The adventure starts…clouds and sprinkles by 9 AM and as we climb to 9100 feet at Granite Pass, the rain changes to sleet.  At the top of the pass is a construction site and as we were stopped waiting for our turn to go, we were wondering if going west was really a good idea.  The drive up there was white knuckled.  As we headed down the pass, clouds began to break up and we got some beautiful views of Shell Canyon and Shell Creek.  We got to Cody early afternoon, found a campground, found out that all but the southern entrance to Yellowstone were closed due to snow, then stopped at a local bike shop.  The sun was out and the afternoon warmed, so we rode at the new trails behind the shop at Beck Lake—very nice trails, we climbed up twice and took two different trails down, then played in the awesome bike park with three sizes of jumps and some nice wooden walls to ride.

After looking at the forecast saying that Yellowstone roads would probably be closed through Saturday or Sunday, we sadly headed south to Green River WY.

SMALL WORLD MOMENTS:  At the dairy case in the Cody Alberston’s, I looked over and saw someone who looked really familiar.  Then I realized it was Van—a windsurfing friend from South Padre!! He spends 4 months a year in Cody and we happen to run into him in the grocery store.

When we stopped in the bike shop we had a great conversation with the owner.  It turns out that he is a crew chief for Ski Cup races.  He knows Bodie and the Lathrop girls—go figure.

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