Green River Revisited and Mother Nature’s Detour

We checked the weather at Yellowstone Wednesday morning—28 degrees, windy and snowing.  The roads were marked open for “over snow vehicles” only (snowmobiles??). So we left Cody and headed south. The South pass (8500 feet) just south of Lander was our way over the Continental Divide.  About an hour into the drive, the wind started to pick up and build and build.  Driving the Wind River Canyon was gorgeous.  The gusts built to over 50 miles an hour.  Incredibly we saw two bicyclists loaded down heading North, then a few miles later we saw a single rider heading south…. we wondered if he made it—it seemed impossible to ride into that headwind, with cars, trucks, semis and campers going by and a narrow shoulder.  We got into Green River and parked at the trailhead, got on the bikes and got a good ride in.  At one point a male antelope came across in front of use and then ran alongside him for a couple hundred yards before accelerating and crossing back in front of us.

So now looking at the weather, there are winter storm warnings for 8” in the mountains around Salt Lake…another weather related detour..Looks like we’ll head to SLC, then north to Pocatello and wait out the weather there.

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