Butch (not Cassidy) and the Sundance Trail

Bluebird skies this morning as we headed to Reuter’s Spring Trail head just outside of Sundance WY.  There was a mountain bike race there on Sunday and we didn’t know what to expect for trail condition.  Out of the gate we got on a nice singletrack that turned into what they call a two track and we call a fire road.  It climbed and climbed with no switchbacks.  The scenery was nice, the air was thin (6300 feet) and we finally found our way to some great singletrack that climbed some more.  As we headed downhill, farther away from the car we decided to call it a day and take the sweet singletrack all the way down to the car.  We never realized how much we climbed until going down to the car.  The place was quiet- we met two folks on horseback and one rider as we started the descent.  Tonight we are camped in Sheridan WY.  The town has a wonderful Main Street with old buildings (none of them vacant!)  On almost every corner is a large broze sculpture commissioned by a business or private foundation.  It’s like an outside walking museum.   Between each block, there are smaller sculptures.  The graceful old homes are beautifully kept up—a very nice place.  The weather looks iffy—I guess we are getting paid back for the two years we’ve done this trip with no rain at all.  Our plan is to go to Cody (probably raining tomorrow) and stay two nights there.  Ride in Cody on Wednesday and head to Yellowstone for Thursday.

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