Short ride near the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD

Friday—after a warm night in Elk Point (sleeping with just a sheet and the bug screens up on the windows and slider), we headed north then west to I-90.  Mitchell was about an hour and a half down the road and the weather forecast called for a cold front to come in.  So we rode at the Kiwanis Woodlot along the shore of Lake Mitchell in Mitchell, SD—home of the Corn Palace.  There were only about 4 miles of trails, but we stopped to visit the archaeological Indian museum at the half way point.  There were Indian ruins dating back to 1020. There was a simple Mennonite wedding at the park.

Heading west after the ride the fog and drizzle and cold set in.  South Dakota has miles of corn, soy and sorghum fields as well as hundreds of billboards along the interstate.  By the time we stopped in Presho, it was down to the mid forties.  With the weather forecast for drizzle, wind and cool temps, we are planning a tourist day for Saturday in the Badlands and Black Hills.

We didn’t go to the Corn Palace, but here is a picture of what we missed.corn-palace

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