The Road Less Traveled: Caution Construction Ahead!

So we decided to take the northern route to Michigan, through Saulte Sainte Marie. The slow downs due to construction added almost 2 hours to our travel time and we bailed on the driving in Saulte Ste. Marie instead of Indian River, back in Michigan.  Other than the Mennonites in their horse and buggies and the hay hand piled in the fields, there was nothing, literally nothing interesting along the drive and about halfway through realized we should have battled the Toronto traffic instead on the southern route..  So plans, again, have changed and it looks like we will ride at Avalanche Preserve tomorrow instead of Arcadia Dunes, missing a ride with our friends Kathy and Mike.  It may be possible to ride at Arcadia Dunes on Sunday on the way to Merrell.

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