Harold Town Forest, Peterborough and Copeland Forest Barrie

With a night of thunder, lightning and heavy rain for three hours, we thought that there would not be a ride on Tuesday.  But the morning was clear and breezy, so we headed to Harold Town Forest in Peterborough.  It’s a small area with on hill in the middle, with fun trails up and down.  We rode until lunch, then headed to Doug and Janis’ place on Simcoe Lake in Brechin.  What a great place on the lake and what a treat to see our Ontario friends.  The next day, Doug, Butch and I headed to the Copeland Forest and had a great ride on surprisingly dry trails.  Lots of ups and downs and roots, but all in all a great day….and then it rained after we finished!! Wednesday night we had a feast with Doug, Janis and Mo and Ian, catching up on all the La Ventana drama and fall plans.

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