Ganaraska, Geese, Lake Ontario and Gorgeous Weather

What a fun day today riding at Ganaraska Forest.  We met Wayne in the parking lot and he gave us great advice for riding the IMBA 30 K enduro loop.  The trail traverses varied terrain- hardwood forest, grassland restoration areas, planted pine forest, with plenty of climbs and descents.  The place is in the middle of nowhere, but a very pretty nowhere with horse farms and dairy farms.  The farms here are so neat and clean and most of the farmhouses are pretty two story brick structures with fancy white wood trim.  Gaggles of geese in the fields already heading south!! After the ride we headed to Port Hope to see Lake Ontario.  The wind had been blowing all day and the lake could be mistaken for the seashore.  Several surfers were taking advantage of the waves.  The temp was perfect for riding, especially with the wind to keep us cooled off.

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