W”hot” happened to February??

February went by so fast-not sure where it went.  We got to Padre on the 31st and kited 23 days out of 28—we could have gone out one more but we took a day off!  Not only was the wind good for kiting (15- 19 mph most days and a few averaging over 20) but the launch area was dry as a bone and the sun was out most days.  The two small kites (6 and 7 meter) that Nayland gave us came in handy several times.  With those two kites increasing our kiting quiver, windsurfing has definitely taken a back burner—I got out once in February and I think Butch is giving it up!! He’s started jumping and I’ve started toeside and there’s so much to learn and play with on the kite that windsurfing is losing it’s appeal.

Since being back from El Cuyo, Paula has tried her hand at tamarindo drink and recado spices and Sue has sent a text message with a picture of her recado!  We miss Willy’s and Lupita’s and the coconut ice cream bars.

This is the month to make decisions for next winter and we’re planning to return to La Ventana for January 2018.  “Dave’s studio” is near the water north of the main part of town and south of Oscarito’s.  We should have a launch site close to the house and our friends Doug and Janice will be just north of us on the beach.  In Padre, we’ll be renting the two bedroom 2 bath unit in front of where we are now with more light and room for friends to come down and visit.  So windfriends, let us know if you’d like to come down.

The folks upstairs from Montana left Mar 1 and were tossing one of their bikes—the back wheel kept going ker-thump and the brakes didn’t work.  With a little wheel truing, bike tire swap and mix and match from the old bike I got from the pawn shop and some adjustments and lube, it’s my new beach bike–the Frankenstein Bike!

That means my good Trek cross bike can stay in NH away from the rust and salt.

While away in El Cuyo, the van got spiffed up- the hood and rocker panels are now green-there was too much white on the van.  Now decals are needed to complete the package.

We haven’t taken any pictures this month, so I am vowing to get out the GoPro out and try it out on the kite.  Spring break is gearing up for this week and next—lots of girls walking around in skimpy bikinis and parties on the beach  It’s pretty much relegated to a few spots, so it doesn’t impact us.

Looking forward to seeing the La Ventana folks in a week or two.  The start of March has not been stellar, but hopefully that will change.

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